Reasons Why Most Home Designers Choose Timber Framing

If you are on the way to build your new house or want to give a new look to your existing home, timber framing is the best option to choose. Either it is a single room or a mid size apartment timber framing brings numerous advantages for every kind of house type. Choosing the right products, methods, and the best Imported wood dealer in Mohali is more important for your next timber manufacturing project. 

Timber framing is a traditional method of house building based on heavy timbers used to create different structural blocks by squaring off the large timber blogs and then carefully fitting them into the joints which are already secured by large wooden pegs.  White pine, cypress and cedar, douglas fir, and red and white oak are the most commonly used wood species in timber framing. 

Before deciding to buy imported timber in punjab for your next construction project, explore the advantages which makes your purchase a worth.

  • Timber Framing is Easy to Build and Maintain

It is relatively simpler to work with timber as it only takes a few weeks in going up and being watertight of a timber product. Timber frames are easy to maintain. There is no risk of rusting and weakening of the frame due to external effects.

  • Unlimited Designs with Modern Methods of Construction

There is a lot to do with timber. Due to its flexible nature, construction experts can turn it into a unique and appealing frame structure. By using modern tools and techniques it can be framed into various sizes, shapes, and finishes. For your new creation timber frames offer an endless options and design possibilities that are capable to add more values to it.

  • Strong and Durable

In comparison with any other framing, timber framing is able to stand with all seasonal changes. It does not increase or decrease its size with temperature. So there is no chance of breakages in plaster and ceiling. It is having high resistance to termites, therefore long lasting and capable of bearing heavy winds and other challenges.

  • Cost effective and Less Construction Time

Unlike brick manufacturing, timber frames need less man power in its production. It requires no additional costs and delays. Its production doesn’t depend on the weather, and takes place in workshops. Therefore it needs less time, efforts, and manufacturing costs.

  • High Quality and Sustainable Building Methods

The timber frames uses five to six times less manufacturing energy than concrete and steel frames. Its light weight makes it easy to transport and implement. CO2 production rate is also very less than other framing productions. There are less wastage of raw material and resources in wood frame designing and implementations. The remaining material is used for constructing the other products and you can grow more trees again than you have used once. 

  • Fire Predictable and Termite Treated

Timber frames are protected with the brick and plaster cladding which helps the timber to maintain its structural integrity for a long time. Now a days the timber framing is designed by using the termite proven wood. Hence there is no matter of worrying about termite causing damage.

  • Easy to Renovate

Timber frames provide a great scope for experts to experiment with them. You can add more framing to the existing one or modify it during your home renovation.

Trees are the natural sources of the timber wood. There is no limitation of usage as trees are a renewable source of raw material. Timber is environment friendly substance and no harmful gasses are released while processing the wood for framing. As good insulator it doesn’t allow the conduction of heat from one side of the wall to the other side. Together with preventing the environment from the bad effect of greenhouse gasses, timber frames have various advantages over other materials. Hence most of the popular house manufacturers and designers use timber framing in their construction